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by Fox Who Slept the Day Away

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David Cowling
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David Cowling Nod to a Beach House b-side lovingly nestled within the intoxicating dreamscape of power-pop voices, verbtars and swangy drums? Hooked and I am sinking. Favorite track: Mt. Columbia.
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released May 28, 2016

Music written and performed by Fox Who Slept the Day Away

Maxwell Haupapa - DRUMS
Austin Caron - BASS
Connor Mead - GUITAR, VOCALS
Austin Franks - GUITAR, VOCALS

Released with Fossil Records
Recorded in Calgary, AB by Ryan Kusz of Birdman Studios
Mixed by Taylor Cochrane
Mastered by Grant Howarth
Artwork by Rebecca Meadow & Cosmic Cavern



all rights reserved


Fox Who Slept the Day Away Calgary, Alberta

Austin Franks - Guitar/Vocals
Connor Mead - Guitar/Vocals
Maxwell Haupapa -
Tyler Shields - Bassist

We are a four piece band based in Calgary, Alberta

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Track Name: Pluto

We are so far apart that we only see ourselves, way out here the darkness so clear, cold and frozen what am I?
It's clear to me you and I can't see how far we are from everyone on this lonely planet. While I'm stuck in the atmosphere of your skin, I stare way out there and only have you.
Track Name: Antlers

Way up above the clouds, we can't tell who we are.
I can't tell you from me, but I know you're feeling the same thing
It's almost all around us now, the things we climbed so high to see. It all reminds me of the older world.
Track Name: Atlas

I see between the ways we've changed. I know you'll see I'm not just here to get away from them. They see how I do not forget to say she sees.
Now here we we stand, so small we're not the same.
Well alas, alas
Well it's all fucked up, friends divided in civil war.
Well alas, alas, but it felt so right.
Why'd it take so long to give it time time to die off? We never knew this would be the same. Why'd it take so long to give it time to die off? I close my eyes and draw the lines.
We're not the same from when we were orange, I know this happens to almost everyone.
So don't feel so bad or get lost inside, because now we know this is real life. How could we know?
Track Name: Mt. Columbia

Shorter days and longer nights, than when I first laid my eyes on you. It doesn't matter this time of year.
Albedo from the snow, you better limber up for the cold.
We are not the same as we were before, just a shell of our former selves and what we use to be, but suddenly I can breath.
Faded memories reside, with every face passing by. Softly breathing down my neck, asking me to check in 3/4 time, will I ever feel the same? What would I change?
The air is clear this time of year so let's watch the stories up in the sky. I thought I saw a UFO.
The air is clear this time of year so let's watch it fall in place up in the sky. I thought I saw a UFO.
When I was on top of the mountains I watched it get so cold when the sun was down.
Holding onto light, for the darker times and what we've been told in a breeze. It's what we believed, it's what we believed.
Track Name: Little Lamp Light

Say do you remember the days we were younger, they said it's all right. It's not your fault, for the night has yet to come.
Weathers going down, I think I'm going insane, for us, we're to blame.
Face is going numb, thinking going insane, for us we're to blame.
Hoping for the best, hoping for a change, don't stop running till you find the rain.
Hoping for some rest, hoping for a break, we're all just tiny ghost running astray.
Save me from the night, I'm waiting for the light to change the colours of the sky.
Travellers collide and for the very first time it's all right.
What are we to do? What are we to say? All we are is falling out of love. And I don't give a damn about losing it all, the running the hiding the fighting it's so cold, all I have is my best interest,
If I could turn into dust, I would try to go somewhere new and far away.
Track Name: Apartment of Wes Anderson

I go on about space and time in my head even when I'm asleep but with morning comes real life and I'm still stuck on this rock
What I see, you will not believe.
These ghost in my apartment, make me sure I'm gone. It's been some long years, I'm scared of what I'll see. I'm feeling trapped in this room.
I don't know what it's like being so far out
I don't know if it's theory of what I want
I don't know what it's like being so far out
But I've come so far
Back inside I prepare, I see it all forming.
Time shapes and colours never seen, how could no one ever perceive what I just made real.
How could this have happened, all the ghosts in my mind pushed me towards this planet, they were me the whole time. And the funny thing is I don't know what to do, so I'll take the time to know myself.
Track Name: Nine Months

I'm starting to break, things always going down.
When everything is lost, you come and flip it around.
Every now and then I get a little lost.
Every now and then I just need your touch.
You taught me how seasons change, you've talked me out of everything.
Time has gone by and I'm a little closer to your age when I was born.
You helped me find the bigger part of me so I understand your unconditional love
I don't stand for much, I don't wanna talk, but you made me, and you changed me.
Life in your arms shapes my world, don't ever let me go.
You brought me here you're still with me. All I've become has been for you, you said wake up my eyes are open.
Track Name: World News

After the world shrinks I notice everything has its place, it's all I focus on as I float away.
I've seen enough of this, can't we just open our minds to something new? You said Landscapes and their sound could be used to show us beauty. In my eyes I see it all clearly for you.
Sooner or later we might have to be astronauts to save us from being dust. Why can't we wake up to feel the scenery on our lips before it's gone.
You want it to be like it used to.
Track Name: Manitoba Skies

I go far from home 'but not from my' heart since everyone 'here is so' real inside, down to earth who would've known, lower grounds, lower skies where do we go.
Well we all walk and talk we feel it inside, we never knew the gravity of this side, another world unknown away from the light. We don't pretend to mend.
All I know is we are running from the stars. Maybe it's me running from the trees.
Never knew we would end up this way never thought anything, never knew we would end up out here, watch it all fade away.
This town is not my own, they miss me back home.